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Toyota Car Servicing.

Alpheys Garage has Toyota specialists who are expert in minor to major Toyota car service.  You can leave your Toyota with us for its regular service and just relax, knowing it is in good hands.

Toyota has consistently held a high reputation in the marketplace.  It produces high quality cars which retain their value and perform well on the roads.  A regular service will help them stay in tip top condition.

The team at Alpheys Garage are experienced in the servicing and maintenance of Toyota vehicles.  We will give your car a top quality car service, major or minor, and use only genuine Toyota parts. 

Remember that it is important to schedule a regular service for your Toyota.  If you are driving in tough conditions or in short trips only, you may need to book your Toyota in for a service more often than normal.

Under normal conditions, most Toyota’s need a car service 6 months or 10,000 kms, whichever comes first.

When you have your Toyota serviced with Alpheys we will remind you when your next service is due so your car drives safely and economically.

Is your car one of the Toyota models shown here?  Click on the image to find out more about servicing your car.

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