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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent Car Service

If you are looking for expert car servicing for your Hyundai Accent, bring it in to Alpheys Garage in Cranbourne.  We have 25 years’ experience in caring for cars.

The Hyundai Accent is a great little car and it is deservedly popular.

It has very few problems so it does not cost a lot in ongoing maintenance.  Occasionally people have a small problem with their transmission but it is usually discovered while the car is still under warranty.  

It is an economical car to buy and fuel.  It drives well and has just the right amount of power for a small car. 

Regular servicing will keep your Hyundai Accent running smoothly.  As with most cars, the minor and major service are preventative measures to check and ensure the safety and performance of the car is up to scratch. 

We use genuine Hyundai parts only, and our parts and service are covered by warranty.

Book your Hyundai Accent in for a service today on 03 5995 9568.

When he advises of problems that require attention it is really a true and correct appraisal of the vehicle.

Rose Brady Cranbourne

Authorised Dealer