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Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon Car Servicing

The Avalon is a great car but it has had its share of problems.  If you are in Cranbourne area and your Toyota Avalon needs car servicing bring it to us here at Alpheys Garage.  

We are experienced at servicing the Avalon.

We know about the faulty joints and the leaky oil lines in the timing system in the 2006 model.  We know about the oil leak in the 2008 models.  

We also know how to fix them.

Although the Avalon is no longer in production, you don’t have to worry. With some regular maintenance and car servicing, your Toyota Avalon will be a reliable car that keeps you safe while driving.

Book your Toyota Avalon in for a service today on 03 5995 9568.

We have been getting our cars serviced, seen to, assessed and any other requirements for many years. Ian is always friendly and you are never greeted with anything less than a smile and easy conversation. With any service, I am guided to any upcoming items that may require attention at a later date.

Sharon Swain Devon Meadows

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