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Car Brakes and Clutch Services

We are a one stop shop at Alpheys Garage and our team can offer you a complete car brakes and clutch repair and replacement service right here in Cranbourne.  

We all know how important our car brakes are but most people assume they are going to work each time they are applied.  Like any other part of the car, though, your brakes need looking after so you can rely on them.  They need to be serviced.

What are the warning signs that your brakes are about to play up?

  • You might hear a scraping noise when you apply the brakes. That could mean the brake pads have worn out.
  • Your brakes might cause your car to pull to the left or right when applied.
  • Your brakes might seem to shiver and shake.  Your brake pads or discs need checking.
  • A soft pedal – or worse – no response at all when you push on the brakes!

A regular brake service might include:

  • Check disc brake and/or drum shoe wear levels
  • Inspect brake fluid levels and check brake system workings
  • Replace front and rear pads/shoes as required
  • Full safety inspection upon completion

And what about your car’s clutch?

What are the warning signs that your clutch is about to play up?

  • Your clutch might start to ‘slip” and not engage.
  • You might smell something burning – probably leaking fluid.
  • Your pedal has to be pressed or released longer than normal before the clutch engages.

Don’t assume that the answer to your clutch problems is a top up of clutch fluid.  If your clutch is slipping it could be wearing out some of the big and expensive components of the clutch system.

A clutch service may include:

  • Top up or replacement of clutch fluid
  • Inspection and adjustment of clutch cables
  • Replacement of clutch cylinders.

Service your car brakes and clutch regularly and think of it as preventative medicine. We don’t neglect your automobile safety – nor should you. 

These are two often overlooked but important aspects of car safety.  Book an inspection right now. 

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I have been taking my cars to Alpheys Garage for some time now, I am very happy with the work Ian does, Ian takes pride in his work, paying attention to detail to every part of the car he is working on. I highly recommend Alpheys Garage.

Jason L. Cranbourne

Authorised Dealer