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Engine Tuning

Regular engine tuning will help your car run smoothly and economically. The team at Alpheys Garage here in Cranbourne pride themselves on keeping your car performing beautifully.

Did you know that a poorly performing engine can use up more fuel that one which has been tuned?  It will also lose some of the inbuilt power capacity because the components are not working together as they should.

If your car is using up more fuel than normal, it has become sluggish or seems to miss a beat, it needs a tune up. If it struggles uphill and coughs when you accelerate, it needs a tune up.

Save yourself up to 20% in fuel costs just by having your engine tuned regularly.  Boost the economy and performance of your engine with some regular attention. 

We check the needs of each car individually to see what it needs.

At Alpheys we care for all cars, whether they are new or older models. 

We test late model vehicles with our newest diagnostic scan tool to make it easier to locate and fix fuel injection and vehicle electronics. 

On older cars we assess and service individual components with attention to detail. We recommend a regular safety check to ensure that everything is working properly.

Regular tuning of your car’s engine will add years to the life of your car and boosts its economy and performance.  You will feel confident knowing you can rely on your car to start whenever you need it to.

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Made a lot of phone calls looking for prices etc. Ian was by far the nicest person i spoke to that morning and price was great too. When I called him back he fitted me in the next day and even drove me and the kids home and picked us up in our car so we didn’t have to swap car seats over or organise for someone else to pick the kids and I up. He explained everything and even showed me the actual defective part. Found the service wonderful.

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