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Suspension Checks

Alpheys Garage offers a suspension and steering check, and a safety inspection in Cranbourne.
Being a Fulcrum Suspensions Specialists, your car is in good hands.

Your safety depends on good car suspension. 

It directly affects the way it handles particularly when you stop suddenly, swerve or go around corners.

  • How smoothly does your car glide along the road? 
  • Is your ride gentle and smooth or do you feel every little bump along the way?
  • Do you struggle more than normal to hold your line as you go around corners?

Driving a car is supposed to be a joy but if you arrive at your destination feeling shaken and bruised it sounds like your car suspension needs work.

Our no obligation car suspension and safety check covers:

  • Complete Front and Rear Wheel Alignments
  • Power Steering and Steering Rack Testing and Repairs
  • Shock Absorber Testing
  • Tyre Wear Checks
  • Diagnostic Testing & Problem Solving

We give you a written multi point check of your vehicle. 

Remember that our car suspension check and safety inspection, AND it puts you under no obligation to us.  If we find faults you are free to have them fixed wherever you choose.

How long is it since your car had a wheel alignment or safety inspection?

Book a wheel alignment and let us help you get the most out of your tyres.

This check is available by appointment only.

Book a time by calling on 03 5995 9568.

Ian always look after his customers i take both our cars to Ian and i get the highest standard of work done to them at all times. I highly recommend Alpheys Garage.

Frank Russell Narre Warren

Authorised Dealer